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The most known and oldest solar system is the ordinary solar panel. The panels are produced from different components with continuously improving performance. Until today its advantage was the decreasing price level that due to the Far East mass production of the panels (the reason why a number of European manufacturers has closed operation). However, the obvious disadvantage of the panel is the costly implementation with disruption of the water sealing capability of the roof. Also, it destroys the originally designed roof appearance.

TESLA has announced in May 2017 the production of solar tiles in the United States. TESLA is producing four basic type of tiles, each with solar cells and without solar cells. This means the entire roof must be changed to TESLA’s tile. The entire system including the TESLA wall integrated battery and inverter makes this solution highly priced. 

PvROOF solar tile system can be integrated into the roof just like a tile replacement, it is modular and implementation friendly, the customer decides on the quantity and the timing of the implementation until reaching the desired power production of the system. Energy production of the tiles is active on the entire surface, resulting the best specific performance of energy production among all competing solar tiles.

Comparing the products of competitors

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