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The patented product is a roof tile build with a photovoltaic lawyer to produce electric energy.

The brand name of the product is PvROOF.  The product follows tile forms, it can be produced in any shape and any colour resulting a visible experience of the ceramic tile. Installing the solar tile on residential houses, will contribute to renewable energy saving. Solar tiles are the only solar energy option for historic monuments.

PvROOF solar tile system’s idea is almost a decade old however now the components price level and today’s technology results a competitive product with significantly shorter payback time on a solar tile system which makes a proficient investment for wide scale of end-users.

PvROOF solar tile is produced in homogeneous form and colour to all main ceramic and cement tile in production. This results a modular usage of the PvROOF solar tile system offering the end-user theflexibility on system size variations.

PvROOF solar tiles system


PvROOFtile physical condition capacitates for perfect roof cover material.

Modular implementation, any quantity with optional enlargement of the system.

Appearance is equivalent to ordinary roof tile.

Colour is following ordinary tile colour codes (RAL).

Can be manufactured to any form of shape.

The only alternative of solar power generation in historic monuments.

Will produce electricity over a 30 years period.

100% environmental friendly manufacturing process.

No maintenance required.

No operational costs.

Better insulation than ordinary ceramic or cement tiles.

50% less weight than ordinary ceramic or cement tiles.

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